About Me

My name is Susan Hazel Jost.  After over 10 years on the West Coast (San Francisco and Portland), I returned to my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I live with my boyfriend and best friend Troy.  Although my career has taken me in the direction of working with international communities (I work with international university students), there was a creative side to me that was being neglected.  As the daughter, granddaughter and sister of some pretty amazing artists, their is a love of beauty that courses through my veins.  Eternally obsessed with fashion, art, and design (and, ahem, shopping), I created Under the Cottonwood, both as an outlet for my creative side and also as way for me to put something purely joyful and positive out into the world.  I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I enjoy creating this space for you.

You may be wondering about the name "Under the Cottonwood."  Well, that's simple.  A beautiful, towering cottonwood tree has grown beside the house on my family's farm in Wisconsin since before my dad was born.  As kids, we hung a tire swing from it.  We watched the sunset beside it.  And my sister was married under it, amid its floating tufts of cotton.  So to me, everything beautiful happens under the cottonwood.


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