Dieppa Restrepo

So I hate almost all of my shoes right now.  I think I'm getting to that phase in my life where I'd rather have a few pairs of really nice shoes rather than 50 pairs of cheapo ones.  Thanks to Santa Claus 2011 (AKA Troy), I now have a beautiful pair of Rachel Comey Mars Boots to start off my collection of "nice" shoes, but I'm thinking I need a pair of flat soled shoes for walking and general comfort.  I absolutely adore the shoes made by Dieppa Restrepo.  The lines are perfect and the colors and patterns are totally elegant.  I seriously wish I had every single pair below (even the crazy gold and black striped ones, okay, okay, especially those).

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  1. lovely pairs of shoes. Yes. you are right it is good to have few nice pair of shoes then 100 cheap pairs. I own some nice pair of Metro Shoes. The brand is amazing and it has all type of shoes.


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