Weekly Interiors - Scandinavian Style in London

God I love Apartment Therapy.  They never fail to inspire me to make my home awesome.  As I've mentioned previously, Troy and I are 1. moving into a new apartment and 2. Discussing building a home, so living spaces are on the brain (not that they're not all the time anyway - I'm borderline obsessed).  As you probably gathered from reading this blog, I have a bit of a crush on the Scandinavian aesthetic.  So this home really spoke to me.

Although located in London, its owners clearly have a passion for Scandinavian design as well.  One of the owners is a print designer, which is pretty apparent from the lovely printed pieces scattered about the abode.  Another thing that struck me about this space is that all of the floors are plywood.  The thought of raw plywood floors may not appeal to some, but this is something I'm seriously considering.  I actually think these floors look really stylish and, if we do decide to build, plywood floors would certainly save us a little cash-ola.  We could always cover them with pricier flooring later on.  What do you think?

 All images via Apartment Therapy

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  1. Of course, I love this. My bro-in-law floored his apartment with plywood and it looked great for a short term solution but I'm not sure it held up too well over time. I shall live vicariously through your house dreaming!


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